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Because Style Doesn't End At 10

I remember, as a girl, I'd be  sitting in the back row of church drawing sketches of the outfits I would own as an adult.  Most included frills and ruffles.  My fashion bug hit young and I would steal my big sister's Prom dresses and try to recreate the most recent Madonna look.

Naturally, I have loved the direction fashion has been going.  Small boutiques are popping up everywhere allowing an individual to uniquely express their personality.  Yet I walk by a store and think, "I wish that came in my size and I wish I could afford it."  Clothing might be my first passion, but food is a close second.  My body was not meant to be a size 2, and I'm truly OK with it.  So, here I hope to create a place for all those cheese loving ladies.

Style Inspiration

Style Plus

305 E 5th Street

Canton, SD 57013

Tuesday, Thursday 4:30 - 8pm
Saturday, 9am - 4pm