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Animal Print Open Blazer
Animal Print Open Blazer

Animal Print Open Blazer

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Typically I'm not a blazer girl.  I prefer a basic cardigan.  But the pop of animal print drew me in.  This blazer needs to be in my wardrobe.  Tossing this on automatically took my outfit to the next level.

Fit advise:  I am currently a XL in tops but due to my larger chest a 1X or 2X isn't unheard of in a jacket with little stretch. I tried the 1X (over a long sleeve top) and it fit really well.  There is slight shoulder pads that give definition without looking like it crawled out of the 80's.  The sleeves were a perfect 3/4 that showed off my claustrophobic wrists.  There is no button to close this jacket but it drapes very nicely.  The fabric is a silky polyester without much stretch.  I didn't have any trouble with pulling in the shoulders while doing normal tasks such as driving or typing.  It did pull a bit when I did the give yourself a hug test, but really when am I going to do that in normal day to day life?